Posted by on October 14, 2020

Sympathetic activation Parasympathetic deactivaton

Our nervous systems are amazing! Did I say that before? The Autonomic Nervous System, ANS, is designed to mobilize resources to “do work” or to settle, digest and repair. We first perceive some possible threat, we then orient to where it is, how big it is, how fast it’s coming, next our nervous system decides what is necessary to survive! After the threat has passed, we shake off the residual “energy”, our nervous system slows itself down and we return to “calm vigilance.” This is called the “Threat Response Cycle”.

We can learn to track our nervous systems through this “Threat Response Cycle” and develop strategies for managing our “Sympathetic Activation” or getting ready to fight or run away, or “Parasympathetic Easing” where our nervous system settles to “rest and digest.” You can find out more on my podcast page!

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